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MM Glider Tech is proud to introduce the Oculus RES competition sailplane kit.
Oculus is the result of many years of model sailplane design experience and many competition wins. Oculus gives the RES competitor a world class American sailplane with equal or better performance than exotic and costly European contest aircraft.
Oculus uses traditional balsa and plywood construction, strengthened in critical areas with carbon fiber.
Veteran RES designer and contest-winning pilot Merrill Brady worked very hard during the design and development to capture the ideal balance between the sailplane having the strength to withstand competition launches, and a glider that delivers unequaled thermal indication/response/handling.
On Target
This sailplane delivers the highest flight performance, yet still gives the RES competition pilot "instant" fingertip control that only a light balsa structure can achieve. The result is a nearly magical ability to turn and perform in light air, making usable lift out of what would otherwise only be a gust.
The magnificent Oculus kit is a joy to build, with beautiful precisely laser cut ribs, hand-selected contest quality strip and spar woods, top quality carbon structural reinforcement materials, and exquisitely drawn plans. Drag reduction and world class styling are provided by a gorgeous hand-laid epoxy fiberglass fuselage. An electric version for limited motor run type events is available now, as well as the original RES competition sailplane version. MM Glider Tech's Oculus is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.
For the Win !


Wing Span:122.5 in.
Wing Area:1285.25 sq. in.
Length:63 in.
Typical Flying Weight:62 - 68 oz.
Construction:2.4 Friendly Composite layup, Laser cut ribs, Carbon tubular, Kevlar wrapped spar
Team Oculus
ALES Landing Points
A Second Place
ALES Launch
Receiver location
Motor Mount
Motor Vent

The Oculus is available in kit form only!

The Oculus kit will come with:
  • Painted in the mold, White, 2.4 friendly fuse.
  • Pre wrapped carbon fiber tubular spars.
  • Compression molded joiner rods.
  • Laser cut ribs for the wing and tail.
  • .007 carbon for the rib caps.
  • CAD blueprints.
  • Detailed instructions.

The Oculus is available in 3 formats;

  1. Glider Kit
  2. Electric Fuselage version
  3. Combo (Glider Kit with additional Electric Fuse)


  1. Glider kit price: $425 + S&H
    California residents add 9.75% sales tax $41.44
  2. Electric Fuse kit price: $425 + S&H
    California residents add 9.75% sales tax $41.44
  3. Combo kit price: $575 + S&H
    California residents add 9.75% sales tax $56.06
Please call to inquire about Shipping and Handling costs

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