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Oculus EXL

A new offering from MM Glider Tech!!!. The Oculus EXL is an extension of the popular Oculus design based on requests from various Sailplane enthusisits.

The EXL improves on the Oculus for ALES competition requirement and sport flying performance

The Oculus EXL uses traditional balsa and plywood construction, strengthened in critical areas with carbon fiber. 103.5 Sq. In. of Flaps, with up to 85 degree deflection, provides outstanding control in the final stages of your flight.

As always, this is an American made product for both the Competition and Sport pilots alike.
Oculus EXL
Oculus EXL
EXL Flaps


Wing Span:130.5 in.
Wing Area:1373.25 sq. in.
Length:63 in.
Typical Flying Weight:68 - 72 oz.
Construction:2.4 Friendly Composite layup, Laser cut ribs, Carbon tubular, Kevlar wrapped spar
Merrill and the EXL
Tail group
Mountain Soaring
Blue Skys

The Oculus EXL lists for $450 in kit form only!

The Oculus EXL kit will come with:
  • Painted in the mold with either Red,White, or Blue, 2.4 friendly fuse.
  • Pre wrapped carbon fiber tubular spars.
  • Compression molded joiner rods.
  • Laser cut ribs for the wing and tail.
  • .004 carbon for the rib caps.
  • CAD blueprints.
  • Detailed instructions.


Oculus EXL kit price: $450 + S&H
California residents add 9.75% sales tax $43.88

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